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Home Wheel Chair Lift
Handicapped Accessible Entrance Ramp


Wheelchair or scooter ramps allow you to access your home and give you the freedom to move from indoor and outdoor living spaces with ease.

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Elderly & Handicap Accessible Bathroom Modifications
Handicapped & Elderly Stair Lift


We have indoor, outdoor, straight, curved, or spiral stairlifts available to make going up the stairs something simple for you. Gain back the freedom to move throughout your home with the addition of a custom stairlift.

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Handicap Vehicle Wheelchair Lift
Handicap Vehicle Steering Hand Controls

Vehicle Hand Controls

If you need modifications to your vehicle to give you the freedom to travel safely, we can guide you through your options and complete installations. From hand controls to vehicle lifts, we will make sure you get the best setup for your vehicle.

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Solutions To Meet Your Needs and Budget

We have the solutions to your needs without breaking your budget. We offer personalized home modifications based on your needs and budget. Your needs are unique why wouldn’t your home modification be?

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“My husband and I now have some freedom and some opportunities for adventures. I strongly recommend this store and this company. They go the extra mile.”

– Susan Thompson
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