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Lightweight Wheelchair Options to Improve Mobility

Manual wheelchairs are a popular and affordable option for anyone with mobility limitations. Over the years, manual wheelchairs have become streamlined, making it easier than ever to transport your wheelchair without vehicle modifications.

Think a wheelchair is too heavy for you to lift in and out of the car? Think again. We sell and rent lightweight wheelchairs that are approximately 34lbs. We also have transport wheelchairs that start at 19lbs.

Not sure which type of chair is best for you? Stop by our showroom! Our team can guide you through the wheelchair purchase or rental process with ease.

  • Lightweight: With advances in new materials, the most modern lightweight chairs require less strength and energy to push and operate every day.
  • Affordable: Let us help you match the right product for your budget.
  • Portable: Our wheelchairs are easily portable and can easily fit in your vehicle.
  • Maneuverable: Manual wheelchairs have handrims on the side of the chair so that the user can maneuver independently. Some users like to use their feet to assist in their movement. We can often change the seat to floor height to aid in this type of movement. Transport chairs are very lightweight making maneuverability easy for caregiver.

If we don’t have a model in stock, we will get it for you fast!

We recognize that people come in all shapes and sizes, we have a variety of chains to meet your needs. Whether you need a narrow chair (16”wide) or heavy duty chair (22” wide) you can count on us.

Rent Wheelchairs


We have a large variety of high-quality rental wheelchairs available for short or long-term use. Not sure what you need? We have a highly qualified staff to walk you through the entire rental procedure. If we don’t have the wheelchair you’re looking for, please ask us for assistance. We want to fit you with the ideal product!

Standard (300lb weight capacity)
Manual or Transport Chairs

$10 / day – $25 / weekend – $50 / week – $125 / month

Heavy Duty
(400/450lb weight capacity)

$15 / day – $38 / weekend – $70 / week – $165 / month


Solutions To Meet Your Needs and Budget

We have the solutions to your needs without breaking your budget. We offer personalized home modifications based on your needs and budget. Your needs are unique why wouldn’t your home modification be?

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“My husband and I now have some freedom and some opportunities for adventures. I strongly recommend this store and this company. They go the extra mile.”

– Susan Thompson
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